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If the PT is close to the tube, that wont help. Page 1 of 2 12 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 35 of 38 Thread: Tube Driver & BK Butler ? It does a great lead tone, although it does not have quite the same huge bottom end and scooped mid range you find in a Ram's Head era Big Muff. The trace side is marked 9 3151•Z. http://pausesexe.com/tube-driver/bk-butler-tube-driver-schematics.html

Butler B.K. Nick Greer - Sucker Punch Nick Greer - Ghetto Stomp Just saw this - oh the irony! The old posts are missing a lot of the images, like the schematics and stuff, but I have found them online, so I'm guessing they show up later. This is exaclty what Chandler did with their copy of the Tube Driver in 1988. http://revolutiondeux.blogspot.com/2012/02/b-k-butler-tube-driver.html

Bk Butler Tube Driver

Around 1978 Butler designed and began making an early version of the Tube Driver, one of the first tube overdrive pedals. That means the input of the pedal or buffered circuit following the TD should be around 900kΩ or higher. Knobs: Sifam DCN150 Caps: Sifam C151 MODIFICATIONS - Changing Tubes - This is the simplest, most effective mod for a Tube Driver. Two of them sounded identical to each other (and identical to the second version mentioned below) and the other two sounded very different.

Posts 674 Look at the BK butler TD on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Original...QQcmdZViewItem Man, I had a used one of these that I paid $50.00 for in 1995, it was an 80's unit. but has a "hum" and noise, that I tried to eliminate without success :? I use a 12AU7 in my BlueTube. Butler Tube Driver Schematic The ones I posted are from TubeWorks.

The TL072 is a J-FET input op amp. The shield seems to me a good idea does not do much weaving together the wires that carry the current to the heaters, you may instead use two shielded cables (coaxial). Also in the tone stack there are two words "220K" and "500K" in close vicinity to the same pot ... http://www.kitrae.net/music/Music_mp3_Tube_Driver_Sound.html I'm looking for a warm clean tone, not over drive.

A reissue of the 1990s Tube Works Tube Driver. Tube Works Tube Driver Guitar pickups output a small alternating current (AC) signal that varies from around 10KΩ to 50KΩ, depending on pickups, volume, playing, et cetera. Have been trying to get rid of it but didn't succeed then and since it's no longer my #1 overdrive pedal (used it for mild overdrive on bass at modest settings) He has two, one old and one new.

Baja Tube Driver

The only real difference between the two was less expensive, cheaper parts in the Taiwan version. http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=16686.0 For some songs I might turn the drive up a little more for some over drive. Bk Butler Tube Driver Likes « previous next » Print Pages: [1] SaMpLeGoD MemberPortugal Posts: 429 Tube Driver noise... « on: March 12, 2008, 07:36:08 AM » Hello!!I just build a tube driver effect pedal Bk Butler Tube Driver Review And I can still get plenty of overdrive and distortion.

The tube is usuallu glued to the socket with a rubber silicon, but you can peel or cut that away. http://pausesexe.com/tube-driver/bk-butler-tube-driver.html Strat into a Fender Twin Reverb. These can sound wildy different from unit to unit. The Japanese version does not follow Butler's circuit. 4 KNOB 911 TUBE DRIVER vs 5 KNOB REAL TUBE - Other than the mid range knob, do the Real Tube and 4 Bk Butler Tube Driver Clone

I tried it out with the 12AX7 and a preamp after it to make up the gain. Poster2 Posts: 975 Total likes: 0 Van Ished Re: Comparing Tube Driver schematics and about DC powering « Reply #11 on: March 10, 2006, 06:16:30 AM » the answer is in fx pedal stompbox stomp box guitar effects pedal overdrive over drive gain saturation distortion/fuzz/overdrive dirt grit

Searching... his comment is here Bottom row (left to right) - a BK Butler 911 Tube Driver reissue from 2007, a 911 reissue with bias knob on back from 2008, an original 911 Tube Driver from

Butler) Tube Driver, this schematic by JD Sleep ain't exact copy.If we forget the different bypass/switch arrangement, in the signal path the only differences are that C1 is actually 0.047 and Chandler Tube Driver The EMG 81 is now ranked as a "classic" humbucking pickup - for years it has been the go-to choice for Shred and Metal guitaris... He mounts the TDs on a piece of wood so he does not have to bend down far to reach the knobs.

Marked TUBE DRIVER, Concept & Design: B.K.

The two or a little different inside and the older reportedly sounds the best. Inside is a hybrid fuzz - pre amp circuit. Has anyone tried what happens with the 12AT7/ECC81 (like the original '80s) or 12AY7/6072A? What Is A Tube Driver You hear a difference by replacing the 4558 with the TL072?

I'll let you know. Placing a buffered pedal or buffer/line driver with an input impedance around 1MΩ immediately after the TD, or non buffered pedal with a similar high impedance input, can help the issue, I still have the 4558 in it, so I can't answer that. weblink Shock hzard has is practically eliminated.

Logged www.motorbongo.nlwww.facebook.com/MotorBongo xpander MemberFinland Posts: 3 Tube Driver noise... « Reply #14 on: March 14, 2008, 11:23:11 AM » Quote from: "clintrubber"I have the original schematics from Tube Works, let me Eric Johnson never used one of these copies as far as I know. The full + setting is the same as the non bias version, but I found that rather than softening the distortion with the bias reduced, it tended to make the sound J MASCIS DIRTY "CLEAN" TONE - J Mascis of Dinosaur jr is another Tube Driver user.

This way I wouldn't need any particular power supply (except a good wall wart). It is his always-on sound. Certainly one of the original pedal is not advisable to make changes. He used 911 Tube Drivers extensively for his 2006 album On an Island and the subsequent tour, heard on the Remember Than Night and Live in Gdansk concert releases, as well

Used models are also plentiful and easy to find online. By 'boost' I don't mean a volume boost, but more of a blend of the two pedals. How Impedance Works - There is a good article on impedance over on the AMZ website. The sound holds its own against a Big Muff when cranked into full overdrive.

It is now my "go to" overdrive of choice.... Thanks SLO Reply With Quote 03-28-2007,07:15 PM #12 Andrew M Member Join Date May 2006 Location Canada Posts 27 I didn't realize they sold for that much. SaMpLeGoD MemberPortugal Posts: 429 Tube Driver noise... « Reply #6 on: March 12, 2008, 11:47:34 PM » I still have the circuit builded outside the box, so it has no contact EMG Strat, TC Nova delay into a Reeves Custom 50. 5 A.M. - Les Paul with P-90 pickups and Bigsby tremolo into a Fender Bassman.

It was designed and built by audio electronics engineer B.K. Fullclone VLOD - Fulltone OCD by Stratotrasto Had a few requests for this, everyone knows what it does and everyone seems to like it.

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