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There's also something about that tube interacting with a loud tube amp, that you can't get on a smaller and quieter amp. So to revise my original 1st question: which of the four JJ 12au7 tube options would you recommend? [It's been awhile since I used the 12AU7 in my TD and to VISIT MY SWORDS, KNIVES and FANTASY ART WEBSITE www.kitrae.net ..... .. The reason I'm asking is that now that I have a Reeves Custom 12 PS (212 cab with 1980's Fane Classic 50's) I can play at lower over "loudness" bit still navigate here

That would be way too noisy. Hopefully I'll have the winning bid. It was a plug in "wall wart" style transformer, but it was still hard wired to the Tube Driver by a long power cord. I often mix my TD with a Powerboost or OCD, which is quite similar - I want a slightly different tone anyway.

Bk Butler Tube Driver Alternative

That's how I came across this thing. Hopefully they won't discontinue it like the Blue Tube. Increasing it, makes the Tube Driver sound more saturated, with more gain and less headroom. Updated in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 B.K.

The ones made around 1998-2000 are marked on top: REAL TUBE™ REAL TUBE OVERDRIVE™ Concept & Design: B. I also used the Low Gain Input on the Rivera. 2 - IMPT:* - I have 2 BK Butler Tube Drivers with the Bias Option. The Tube Driver is indeed a versatile pedal and experimenting with different tubes can make a huge difference. Bk Butler Tube Driver Schematic Alexandre HervĂ© 10 viewsNew 11:22 Purple Rain (David Gilmour) - Behringer HM300 (Boss HM-2 clone) - Duration: 4:04.

The tube is usuallu glued to the socket with a rubber silicon, but you can peel or cut that away. Light drive settings for the common 1987 BKB/Chandler Tube Driver and settings to match the same tone on a 2007 model 911 Tube Driver Overdrive settings for the common 1987 BKB/Chandler Sign in to make your opinion count. http://www.kitrae.net/music/Music_mp3_Tube_Driver_Versions.html After this, Butler decided to file for a patent protection on his circuit in 1989.

Volume is essential for getting a smooth tone from your Tube Driver, Big Muff and even old fuzz pedals but you can do lots of things to simulate the effects of Bk Butler Tube Driver History I have owned several of this version and each sounds nearly identical. I settle for the empress vintage mod super delay. Sign in to make your opinion count.

Bk Butler Tube Driver For Sale

The Tube Driver has a buffered, high impedance input, but no output buffer. Thanks!!! -Jakub [I haven't tried one so I can't really tell. Bk Butler Tube Driver Alternative The earliest Tube Driver, hand made by BK Butler in Escondido, California, circa 1979-1980. Bk Butler Tube Driver 3 Knob Reply Henryk says: June 24, 2016 at 6:15 pm Thank you Bjorn, I have Tube Driver.

Have you heard of Maxon - ROD 880 Real Overdrive? http://pausesexe.com/tube-driver/bk-tube-driver-bias.html seems to be a modded ibanez tubeking-pedal to me ...cool! I noticed there's 3 different JJ 12au7 tube options on tubedepot.com: - JJ ECC82 / 12AU7 Preamp Vacuum Tube - JJ ECC82 / 12AU7 Gold Pin Preamp Vacuum Tube - JJ Shown above (left to right) - Eric Johnson's 1985 Chandler branded Tube Driver, his 1986-87 period BKB/Chandler branded Tube Driver (with Chandler blacked out), and his 2005/2006 period BKB branded 911 Bk Butler Tube Driver Review

I placed an NOS Amperex 12AT7 in the 911 Toneworks pedal and it def smoothed-out the gain. Although it incorporated parts of Butler's patent, it is a very different circuit than the US made model. The Japanese model was made by Maxon for Hoshino/Ibanez in 1994, a year before the US version. his comment is here Thanks for your kind words :) I haven't tried the TD amp so I can't really tell.

The second version was made with the LEDs moved below the text and were marked TUBE DRIVER, Concept & Design: B.K. Genz Benz Tube Driver With the compulator to get close to that ss-3 sound? J MASCIS DIRTY "CLEAN" TONE - J Mascis of Dinosaur jr is another Tube Driver user.

It is unmarked, other than BK written on it with a Sharpie.

Butler B.K. Butler decided he needed his name marked on the pedal. STATUS LED - Lights when the LPB-2ube effect is engaged; Stays off when the LPB-2ube is in true bypass mode. Bk Butler Tube Driver Ebay versions.

Any of those similar to the Butler tube driver? It has evolved over the years and there are many versions (a list can be found HERE). What may surprise you is that very few pedals that have an actual tube in them sound all that great either! weblink A Hiwatt will need a smoother sounding unit, while a Marshall can handle a more aggressive, less compressed one.

It's not trying to mimic amp distortion by "scaling it down," which I personally think is a flaw of the tube driver. Butler changed the name to Mini Matrix, creating a third version of the black enclosure. Killer pedal. Butler called the 1970 'NOS' YUGO tubes, meaning "new old stock" tubes made in Yugoslavia in the 1970s.

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