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Apr 29, 2017 12:59:46 GMT -7 * roscoenyc: Did you see the Z on the CBS Sunday Morning Hall & Oates segment? So then maybe the TD after that? Thanks, THE POSTECUTIONER [I haven't played that my self but the Real Tube was sold under the Tube Works brand and designed by BK Butler. - Bjorn] Reply Dave says: June The volume on the booster is set to about unity and the tone is always clean, with perhaps just a very mild crunch. navigate here

EJ use to use a TC Sustain in the old days. Most modern Muffs and some vintage Muffs can really benefit from this type of boost. That's all hearsay and I don't intend to find out first-hand. tube amp. http://www.kitrae.net/music/Music_mp3_Tube_Driver_Sound.html

Bk Butler Tube Driver Review

The Deluxe might not be the best choice for EJ's tones but with a bit of tweaking, increasing the mids and lowering the treble, you should be able to get something There is so much gain in these that you actually get a much more musical and usable range with the lower gain tube. By the way, this is the best Analog Tape Delay I have ever heard, period. Member Messages: 1,326 Likes Received: 347 Joined: Jun 15, 2007 The Dean Markley Overlord is a re-labeled black BK Butler Tubeworks Real Tube pedal, I never liked it with a 12AX7,

A bit more technical description: The Bias control is very helpful as it adjusts the amount of current applied to the cathode of the tube. To add gain, you can substitute a 12AT7 tube, which will give more distortion and beefs up the mid range frequencies. The BK has a bit more presence and a generally more aggressive tone, although this can to some extent be “controlled” by replacing the stock tube. Genz Benz Tube Driver Thank You.

Lower gain should give a smoother sounding overdrive, but that's not always the case with different tube brands. I have opened it up, but it seems to be glued in. I was considering the Colorsound because like you mentioned, Gilmour used it so the properties are probably similar. These can sound wildy different from unit to unit.

This version was used by many popular guitarists, including David Gilmour, who used in his 2006 On an Island pedal board and 2015/16 Rattle That Lock pedal board. Bk Butler Tube Driver History I do not recommend the knockoff Chandler version with the attached wall wart either (the one without BK Butler's name on it), as those have a different tone circuit that sounds Petersburg, FL Registered: 2010-01-21 Posts: 959 Re: BK Butler Tube Driver Genz Benz acquired the rights to Chandler. Depending on your amp and how well it can hendle Big Muffs, I'd say that the Electronic Orange Pig Hoof is a close match for Bell and Island.

Bk Butler Tube Driver Clone

High Regards, Tommy Phone: 303-766-4504 Product and general questions: [emailprotected] • Technical questions: [emailprotected] Telephone support available Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm Mountain Standard Time Attention International Customers: Butler Audio Inc is This tube works very well for players seeking a cleaner tone in the lower settings of the drive control. Bk Butler Tube Driver Review by the way do you know where I can a ab/on off switch lick the one in Gilmour’s 99 and 06 Cornish boards . Bk Butler Tube Driver Schematic It filters and colors the sound with the tube characteristics.

Obviously, these may change depending on how you EQ your amp, but I would assume most of you are looking for that big headroom Gilmour sound. check over here Although not entirely identical I recommend that you check out the Wampler PlexiDrive as well. On the 1972-73 tours he would bring a spare Strat tuned for slides (One of these Days) and I would't presume it had a slightly higher action as well. Reply Bjorn says: June 28, 2016 at 4:10 pm Seems like a nice setup :) Reply Henryk says: June 15, 2016 at 11:19 pm Hi Bjorn, This question may not be Tube Works Tube Driver

It can be a little harsh and raspy and I assume that is because I still have a 12ax7 in it. Hope that helps..Joe B Gits: '03 Gibson Historic R7 Goldtop, '06 Gibson R8 Plaintop, MIJ '62 RI Strat, and others...Amps: '99 Marshall 1987x Plexi RI, 1969 Fender Super Reverb My band: I already have a 100 watt Carvin XV-212 amp which I ended up not using since I bought my 15w Laney Cub. http://pausesexe.com/tube-driver/bk-butler-tube-driver.html Thanks.

Fender/Gibson > Cornish/Strymon > Z/GoldMini ZM-12Z-28KT-45 zpilot Z-Natic Vietnam War Vet Posts: 3,281 BK Butler Tube Driver vs Chandler Mar 30, 2012 14:16:40 GMT -7 Quote Select PostDeselect PostLink to PostMemberGive What Is A Tube Driver From KYDeleteReplyUnknown4 Aug 2016, 21:04:00Hi Fred,Did you eventually modify the overlord?I'm quite interested as I currently received an noisy overlord myself and am about to do a maintenance on it. David always used a booster with his Big Muffs to smooth out some of the otherwise harsh frequencies.

Thank you once again, Henryk P.S.

This saved him from sorting through literally hundreds of tubes to find the exact one he wanted. It's not a must but it makes the pedal a bit more versatile and a tube swap redundant. 2. Mar 19, 2017 10:43:30 GMT -7 BritInvasion: Go back to air-guitar. Chandler Tube Driver In mid 74 he switched to lap steels. - Bjorn] Reply Keith says: August 18, 2012 at 1:37 pm I think the master!( Bjorn Riis, not DG!) should do a Pompeii

first I've heard that the overlord was a rebrand... The 2007 TD also has "notched" pots, like the Tube Works versions, meaning you feel tiny notches click by as you turn the knobs. Though he is one of the high priests of tone (much respect JB), one fact was overlooked: two BK TD's stacked through a cranked black face bassman or bandmaster. weblink Or before that, because I might be able to use the EGO as a booster, or in the Shine On senario would the TD be considered the booster?

Is there somewhere on the net one would suggest for finding other backing tracks? I suggest staying away from cheap, noisy tubes, such as the Groove Tube brand. I currently own two and have played four side-by-side. Position 5 (neck), position 4 (neck+middle), then position 2 (bridge+middle), 12AU7 tube.

Luckily I only wasted money on one od pedal before this, if I could buy another I would, very proud to own a Tube Driver. For the 911 reissie TD's Butler has changed to lower noise toroidal transformers like Pete Cornish uses in his custom pedal boards, but I have read comments from owners who replaced I am looking at it now in my office - can't wait to get home and crank it up. hahaha 11 Reply by Danny! 2010-05-22 08:05:53 Danny!

Ihave never been able to afford/acquire a Tube Driver and recently picked up an overlord in hopes of getting near that sound.Am going to modidy it to your specs and add Note: there were two versions, one from Tube Works that was made in the USA, and one made in Japan by Maxon for Ibanez and Maxon branded versions that were sold So close I had to stop playing in the middle of one of band's songs. The Bias control also adds dynamics and allows you to custom match your Tube Driver for any particular pickup/amp combination.

Which is even more rare. I'm using JJ Electronics on all my tube applications and are very happy with them - Bjorn] Reply ANTONIO says: July 3, 2013 at 6:58 pm Hi Bjorn, how are you? Apr 19, 2017 7:22:05 GMT -7 geno: hey Lefty, Apr 25, 2017 7:35:14 GMT -7 "Z" Steve: Seeeer-suckaaaa-soooot. clean silky solos, obviously derives, distortions and delays.

I only have a little experience with a stock BD-2. My solution was to install a 5th control that controls the tube cathode current and enables him to ‘dial in’ the tube characteristics he wanted. Changhe the EQ? Around 1993 Butler made a new version of the older 4 knob Tube Driver through his Tube Works company, called model 911.

I am looking at it now in my office - can't wait to get home and crank it up. All of my TD's have the older type transformers and I have never had this type of noise issue myself.

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