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A reissue of the 1990s Tube Works Tube Driver. And if so, would changing the tube on the TB to a 12au7 fix this? [Depends on what tones you're looking for. So much for collecting.. Drive 11 o'clock as well. navigate here

Start by setting up your amp for a warm and punchy clean tone. Some owners have eliminated the hum by hooking up tube heater pins 4 and 5 and the step down resistor directly to the power transformer output, so it is off the It sounds better than the ss-3.. By the way, this is the best Analog Tape Delay I have ever heard, period. https://reverb.com/item/424063-killer-tube-works-tubedriver-head-100-watts-price-drop

Bk Butler Tube Driver Review

www.alliedelec.com also sells the same RS knob and caps. I ask because I just ordered a standard, but i can pay extra and get a Bias mod … [Thank you, Andrew! Sounds and works great! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll…

Colin Hoover 38.656x ditonton 4:40 Brighten a Dark/Muddy Humbucker Pickup - Durasi: 17:42. Thanks to Eric's early endorsement as the creator of his famous "Violin Tone", my TUBE DRIVER has become a standard of many pro musicians the world over, including Pink Floyd's David I found it more effective to simply change the tube, but others really like this feature. Tube Works Tube Driver I can't tell from the pictures I have seen.

It also sounds excellent with certain Fender amps, particularly the Fender Bassman, or it's high powered step brother, the Marshall JTM-45. Absolutely nails David Gilmour's overdriven tones. I placed an Amperex 12AT7 in it and I must say it sounds very smooth. https://www.amazon.com/TUBE-DRIVER-Original-BUTLER-CONTROL/dp/B00OVO40V6 I designed it in the early 1980s and Eric Johnson was one of my early customers.

Seems like the first stomp is the distortion and I'm guessing the P1, which he used for this part of the solo on the album. Bk Butler Tube Driver Schematic He has a few stand alone pedals so maybe some are with the bias, I don't know. - Bjorn] Reply Keith Clarke says: June 18, 2013 at 5:16 pm Yes, I On its own is awesome but what it does to other pedals I didn't expect. I've been looking at the Wren & Cuff Box of War or Carpid but for $300 hopefully they can do more than nail that one tone (but versatility is secondary to

What Is A Tube Driver

it's done, minus some content, but I can use a community If any of you Tube Works / BK Butler fans have some time, drop on by.... All tubes, whether it’s your amp or a pedal, need some time before they reach their potential so don’t freak out if the 12AX7 blows your head off the first time Bk Butler Tube Driver Review I would say this is the closest thing to "Gilmour in a box" you will find because you'll never have his modified #1 Big Muff but you can have (besides the Bk Butler Tube Driver Clone I also use a Wampler EGO Compressor which I really like, into a Mesa MarkV full stack at home (I can still play loud enough to make my ears ring and

The TD doesn't have much mid range but loud volume adds a nice mid boost from the amp. check over here On and off only. It also runs off a standard 9v DC power jack, not an internal transformer, so noise issues associated with the internal transformer in the Tube Driver and Real Tube have been TC Nova delay. 12AU7 tube. Chandler Tube Driver

Replacing the stock 12AX7 tube with a 12AU7 will provide a much milder tone but you'll also loose some of the pedal's characteristics. - Bjorn] Reply Keith says: August 17, 2012 I often mix my TD with a Powerboost or OCD, which is quite similar - I want a slightly different tone anyway. The sole reason for this site, is to get BK back into making amps and other gear again, besides the special order pedals he's offering now.... his comment is here The trace side was dark green on this version.

The Buffalo FX TD-X has a darker tone, with a tad more mids and it might work. Butler Tube Driver Car Amp I totally agree that a combo of two TDs is very powerful and in some situations even better than a Muff. again I want you to be in good hands.pedals..

Solder the leads from the 1/8" jack back to the circuit board.

Im waiting on a siemens nos 60s 12au7 that i got cheap. 60 bucks. lol! SteveO, May 31, 2010 SteveO, May 31, 2010 #15 May 31, 2010 #16 Moander Member Messages: 15 Joined: May 29, 2010 Location: Fort Myers, Florida I won't sell my Tube Works Bk Butler Tube Driver Ebay I have seen two slightly different sets of component values on that board, and in my experience and based on what other owners have said, no two sound the same.

EC has Goldie for his auction I just don't know when that will be. I'm like a picker and a hoarder. It has long been reading your excellent website, very nice here. http://pausesexe.com/tube-driver/bk-butler-tube-driver.html Cleans up nice when roll off guitar vol.

The other thing. I'm glad some of you appreciate the site I'm trying to make.... It is more complicated however, and requires running the leads from the DC power jack before the filtering section and after the rectifier section of the circuit. So to revise my original 1st question: which of the four JJ 12au7 tube options would you recommend? [It's been awhile since I used the 12AU7 in my TD and to

It's no wonder all these top cats use BK's Tube Driver. This is the setup, as he described it in Guitar Player magazine: "The lead chain goes from a stock, late-’60s Italian-made Vox CryBaby to a stock ’80s BK Butler Tube Driver They are great with a mono superlead or Hiwatt with reverb ... I'm using Buffalo TD-Xs now because my Laney Lionheart doesn't go as well with the 2006 BK Butler.

It also works extremely well as a booster for the more demanding distortions like the Big Muff. This amp is loud loud loud! with 75 watt celestions..

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