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I'm in process of getting few basic pedals to get the David's/Pink Floyd tones in general, i.e. I believe Gilmour uses the non bias models which is the same as having the bias on a bias model set to maximum, except I think he uses Yugo tubes. MODIFICATIONS - Remove the Internal Power Supply to Reduce Hum - To avoid the noise issues caused by the internal transformer being so close to the audio circuit (described in the Although not entirely identical I recommend that you check out the Wampler PlexiDrive as well. http://pausesexe.com/tube-driver/bk-butler-tube-driver-bias.html

This feature is not available right now. Signal loss means some of the audio frequencies of your tone are lost. Settings shown above. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Notice | FTC Disclosure | Report Abuse | Report Ad | Advertise Here http://www.butleraudio.com/tdbias.php

Bk Butler Tube Driver Review

I can only afford a Muff if I return the Fulldrive2 Mosfet in the 1st 30days (bout 2wks left.) So my Question is: Using a stock Strat with the MKV and I know Kit Rae says it's inferior, different circuit, not the "real deal" etc. you should hear 5 to 6 repeats) Note Switch: up Speed : 25% Depth: 50% (speed and depth are low because I sometimes combine it with the ChorusLab I own) Mix: stratpaulguy86 19,159 views 8:07 BK Butler Tube Driver Demo - Duration: 16:04.

Congrats on the BK Butler Kev, it's one I'll never sell! '67 and '74 Fender Twin Reverbs, '74 Marshall 1987 lead mkII, Metro Superlead 100. Say a 12Au7 over the stock 12Ax7? In addition you should consider a delay. Bk Butler Tube Driver For Sale They don't exactly fit the older Tube Driver knobs or the smaller knobs used on the 2000s Tube Drivers, but can be modified to fit.

The Tube Driver is great too! I got a Tub driver and im thinking to change the tube. I have opened it up, but it seems to be glued in.

See this feature for more details and explanations. - Bjorn] Reply Ege says: March 31, 2013 at 11:11 am Hey Bjorn!

To make it happen, you do need at least one with a Bias Knob and a 12ax7. Tube Driver Vs Tube Screamer The signal then flows to channels 1 and 2 of a ’69 100-watt Marshall Super Lead. [Settings: Polarity Switch Up, Presence 0, Bass 5, Middle 3, Treble 0, Volume I 9, Each requires different settings to sound the same. Light drive settings for the common 1987 BKB/Chandler Tube Driver and settings to match the same tone on a 2007 model 911 Tube Driver Overdrive settings for the common 1987 BKB/Chandler

Bk Butler Tube Driver Clone

on the front. •1986 - B.K. http://www.kitrae.net/music/Music_mp3_Tube_Driver_Sound.html Thanks. Bk Butler Tube Driver Review And I can't believe you got it to me in four days. Bk Butler Tube Driver Schematic I'm sure you'd love it too.

Someone had a question about Blackstar HT-5 and TD. http://pausesexe.com/tube-driver/bk-tube-driver-bias.html Check out my review of the Buffalo FX TDX. Try not to directly touch the new tube when inserting but use a dry cloth or something. - Bjorn] Reply Dave says: July 31, 2013 at 1:39 pm Hi Bjorn, What Butler had a firm in California manufacture a second circuit board for him sometime in 1987. Bk Butler Tube Driver Ebay

It's quite aggressive but it matches my super clean Reeves Custom 50 perfectly. I will slightly disagree with JB here in the need for the plexi, although the route he suggested is certainly correct. The pcb includes the Butler patent number 5022305. weblink Reply lucas says: November 13, 2015 at 8:11 am Hi bjorn, i ve got a question, do you know which frecuencies enhaces the hi and low pots on the 90s tube

It is powered by an internal transformer and includes a power cord like the Tube Driver. Bk Butler Tube Driver 3 Knob Listen to Johnson's Cliffs of Dover from his 1990 album Ah Via Musicom for an example of his 1980s Tube Driver into a 100w Marshall amplifier. I have a tube multi-fx that kinda give me that but I don't like the frequency response on it.

by the way do you know where I can a ab/on off switch lick the one in Gilmour’s 99 and 06 Cornish boards .

Headroom Schmedroom. Over the weekend I only dialed the drive up to about 9:00 am and got nice sounds with a little bit of hair on it. Hope this helps :) - Bjorn] Reply Tércio says: April 22, 2013 at 4:31 pm Hi Bjorn, Can you tell me the most cheap pedal for give me the ´´ BK Bk Butler Tube Driver Amp It was basically the Real Tube circuit without the mid range knob, not the older BKB/Chandler circuit from the 1980s.

The classic Colorsound Power Boost was David’s main overdrive unit in the 70’s and after some experimentation with different units in the 80’s he settled with the Tube Driver during the Less $125.If you have not yet seen the site check it out. Start by setting up your amp for a warm and punchy clean tone. check over here I have heard that about the pedal...they all sound a little different.

I've seen how the BIAS MOD can be done but think I'll play around with some different tubes first if I'm not happy stock. Butler reissue of the 911 Tube Driver from 2006. EZG-50 "20th Anniversary"SRZ-65Z-Best, Weber Hybrid 1265/30 50hz conesZ-410Z-Open 2x12 Oval back, EJ1250 SpeakersZ-Stickers Lefty Administrator Underboss/Z-Talk Founder Posts: 211,045 Tube Driver w/bias mod Nov 23, 2009 12:40:03 GMT -7 Quote Select d1 guy, Feb 2, 2009 #6 b-squared Banned Messages: 21,130 Likes Received: 9,168 Joined: Jan 21, 2008 He's a great guy, huh?

It has loads of sustain and tons of control. The old Chandler has a bit more warmth as well. Boss CS-2 compressor > 1980s BKB/Chandler Tube Driver > Boss GE-7 > TC Nova delay into a Fender bassman. Butler and CHANDLER INDUSTRIES, INC on the front. •1988 - Chandler Tube Driver.

Jester does basically the same, but about 4 times better.Pete Cornish will give you chapter and verse why they are shite and what they do in terms of tone suck when The 12AU7 did not really reduce the gain from the drive pot, but made the distortion less fuzzy sounding so the individual strings in a chord had more clarity.

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