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Ver.: Fixed NiceLabel crash when changing the printer on Label Setup>Printer dialog and then disabling "Use advanced printer driver interface". Ver.: 4.4.30 - support for preinstall on all supported platforms Ver.: 4.4.01 EndDocument escape was sent even when there was no StartDocument. Ver.: 4.4.54 Rfid unlocking option functionality was added to rfid printers Ver.: 4.4.52 DLL files for user interface translation did not include version info data. Ver.: 4.4.52 Labels transfered from different systems now retain their driver settings. Check This Out

Thus, we are devoting ourselves to developing products and services that utilize the best people and apply the most advanced printing technologies. Ver.: Speed value calculation is changed for SLP-TX223 and SLP-DX223 printer models. Ver.: 4.4.00 In some rare cases streams sent to the printer had an extra "0" added in it. >> See more release notes Go back to top Software Design & Print Ver.: 4.5.11 Printer Install Wizard uninstallation of driver doesn`t remove all of the files from the SYSTEM32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\ folder.

Bixolon Srp-350 Driver

Ver.: Max speed for SLP-D420 is 7"/s and max page width is 116mm. Ver.: 4.5.01 Turkish language added Ver.: 4.5.00 - write MMF to alternative location (research)-update MemMaster to store filesto this location- update driver to read from new location (make sure that the Ver.: Datamatrix barcode font had disabled rotation 180 and 270 degree. Ver.: 4.4.01 If driver gets no separator character description for decimal number from the OS, driver puts a "+" or "," string as default character.

Ver.: Prevent occasional labeling softwarecrashwhen loadinglabels created with NiceLabel drivers older than version 4.6.16. This is fixed now. Your Name: * Please enter or select a value in the field Your Name. Bixolon Srp 350 Plus Iii Driver Download DESIGNER EXPRESSDESIGNER PRO Find out more DESIGN &CONTROLLEDPRINT Streamline label printing to control labour costs and eliminate errors.

This is corrected now so user can select any rotation.Barcode fonts I2of5, Code93, Code39 had disabled x dimension by default. Bixolon Srp-350ii Driver Ver.: PrnInst didn't not work on folders with long path name. Ver.: Uninstall of printer with Printer Install Wizard did not work on Windows 2003 (x64) system Ver.: 4.6.22 Buildnumber is now part of version information in About dialog Ver.: 4.6.01 http://www.bixolon.com/html/en/download/download_product.xhtml?prod_id=49 Ver.: New printer models SLP-DL410 and SLP-DL413 were added to printer driver distribution.

Ver.: 5.1.01 4402 Add a line stating the requirements needed for asian fonts to be printed correctly by the driver. Bixolon Srp-350 Manual Ver.: Cutter functionality corrected for printing fromWindows applications and cutter set to cut every n labels. Ver.: 4.5.12 User can select Automatic or Manual options for Job removing using keyboard in Printer Install Wizard Ver.: 4.5.12 Fixedlabeling softwarecrash when turning off "Use Advanced printer driver interface". Ver.: On Advanced Setup dialog you can find now "Position adjustment" section with settings for "Black mark offset" and "Tear-off/cutter offset" Ver.: Code128A,Code128B,Code128C and Code128AutoA are new supported barcode

Bixolon Srp-350ii Driver

Ver.: Rotation option on userinterface and QR and MicroQRbarcode font rotation now work correctly Ver.: Spooler crash when changing printer port while printing was fixed. http://www.bixolon.com/html/en/download/download_product.xhtml?prod_id=56 Help Resources Training Videos and Tutorials Product and User Guides Knowledge Base Articles Forums Get Support Online, Email and Phone support Submit a Support Ticket Locate a Local Support Partner Software Bixolon Srp-350 Driver Ver.: 4.5.09 Electonic Article Survailance was always disabled on Rfid printers Ver.: 4.5.09 Fixed printing of Datamatrix and QRbarcode font with more then 255 character data Ver.: 4.5.09 Added automatic termination Bixolon Srp-350plusii Driver Download Ver.: Solved problem with multi-thread printing (sometimes the stream is not correct).

Bixolon provides POS, label, and mobile printers as well as tablet-based POS solutions. http://pausesexe.com/bixolon-srp/bixolon-srp-350-driver-win-7.html This is corrected now. The SLP-TX400 and SLP-DX400 series, Bixolon’s barcode label printers, feature fast print speeds and deliver high compatibility based on world-class emulation support including ZPL. This is corrected now. Bixolon Srp-350iii Driver

Ver.: 4.4.52 RFID dialog (Advanced -> Immediate) has enabled "Get" and "Read" buttons even if user doesn't have enaugh permissions ( not Admin in Vista etc. ) Ver.: 4.4.51 Added Rfid This option was enabled just in case of checking combo for ratio. The status reporting issue was limited to NicePrintQueue, Enterprise Print Manager(EPM) and NiceLabel. Ver.: Advanced TCP/IP port monitor now supports connections to names http://pausesexe.com/bixolon-srp/bixolon-srp-370-p-driver.html Ver.: 4.4.51 Ver.: 4.4.50 Import and export didn't work if filename and path exceeded the length of 80 characters while windows support 256 character lengths Ver.: 4.4.50 Click on "Stocks" panel

Ver.: Fixed issue where editing a stock causes an error message. Bixolon Srp-350 Paper Size Ver.: 4.4.69 Labelling software can now recall variables with more than 31 characters of data. POWERFORMSPOWERFORMS SUITE Find out more MANAGEDDESIGN &CONTROLLEDPRINT Standardize your entire labeling process to meet compliance requirements.

Ver.: Text background is now transparent by default.

Ver.: Installerends if user choose "don't install..." option in Windows warning dialog. Email: * Please enter a valid email address in the field Email. Stock size will be automatically adjusted. Bixolon Html Download Product Portuguese language is removed.

Ver.: 4.4.69 Checkbox "Enable bidirectional support" (Printer properties -> Ports) can now be unchecked automatically during driver installation, corresponding to the flag "Bidirectional" in .inf file.Bidirectional=0 => checkbox is unchecked.Bidirectional=1 => Ver.: 4.5.42 Driver print speed optimization Ver.: 4.5.42 Defaultdarkness value is 14 for all Samsung-Bixolon models except for SRP-770II and SRP-770. Chinese(Simplified & Traditional) German Portuguese(European & Brazilian) Czech Greek Polish Danish Hungarian Russian Dutch Italian Spanish English Japanese Swedish Finnish Korean Thai French Norwegian Turkish Technical Support for Free Printer Drivers http://pausesexe.com/bixolon-srp/bixolon-srp-350-plus-drivers.html Ver.: 4.5.34 Postnet barcode fonts can no longer have their width changed.

Ver.: PrnInst utility quits driver installation if user doesn't trust the publisher. Additional Information: Overview of Drivers by Seagull™ Performance advantages of Drivers by Seagull™ Other supported brands of printers Recent driver releases and enhancements.

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